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Pranic Healing is an ancient energy modality that has been redesigned by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui to fit the present generation’s level of understanding and applicability of energy work.

This energy technology works on the accepted fact that the human being is a biocomputer that is made up of a physical body, an emotional body that interpenetrates and influences the physical body, an intelligence that influences the way we feel, and a spiritual consciousness that influences the way we think.

As a biocomputer, we have energy centers that perform physical, psychological, mental and spiritual functions.  These centers perform best when they operate smoothly, in harmony and synchrony.  Just like your car or computer or cell phone, our biocomputer needs to be properly maintained, kept clean and sufficiently charged in order to operate at its best.


Pranic Healing is an energy technology that helps to maintain and energize all our biocenters in order to bring us to that vibration level that matches what we are wanting to attract – good health, good luck, happiness, harmony, prosperity, success.  The tools and techniques are easy to learn, through a learning system that employs both logic and intuition, intelligent evaluation, and an open-minded perspective into the teachings and applicability.  Prescribed logically sequenced protocols have been tested for efficacy and effectiveness. 

There are several completed and ongoing scientific papers by reputable doctors, educators, and scientists that support the efficacy of the Pranic Healing technology.  These are available through the Pranic Healing Research Institute that operate under the auspices of The Center for Pranic Healing, the main organization that is in charge of disseminating Pranic Healing in the US East Coast, Puerto Rico and Mongolia.

Golden Lotus is managed by Cynthia Guerrero de Leon, a sublicensee of The Center for Pranic Healing.

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We offer an Introductory Lecture about the benefits of Pranic Healing and how it helps Creative Expression.  For those who are ready to dive in and start learning the fastest growing complementary therapy using energy, you can start your journey with the Basic Pranic Healing Course.

“The experience has been very positive… lots of good things, constructive thoughts… by God’s grace!  Thank you for helping me.  I am grateful for our session and the message you have conveyed.”

– Kranti

“I learned so much about myself, Pranic Healing, and life during the course of the weekend… I want you to know that I am using my skills frequently.  I am honored to have learned from you.”

– Faryl