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Golden Lotus
Healing Arts & Music Management

Golden Lotus offers a wide variety of services within the complementary energy medicine realm and the music arena.  We offer healing sessions and teach courses on Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, Enhancing Creative Expression, meditation, piano pedagogy, performance, concert production, financial management of healing and music businesses.

Cynthia Guerrero de Leon

Certified Pranic Healing Trainer / Pranic Healer
Pranic Psychotherapist / Pianist

CYNTHIA GUERRERO DE LEON inspires people to be extraordinary in whatever they do, helping them hone their innate gifts and providing tools and technology that make them grow into becoming a better soul-filled version of themselves.

As a Certified Pranic Healer/Psychotherapist and a Senior Trainer of Pranic Healing in the US East Coast for more than 20 years, she teaches workshops, facilitates meditations, and provides healing and consulting services to a wide range of clientele. Her combined background in Mathematics, Music, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga has allowed her a multi-faceted career in the corporate world, in academia and in the non-profit arena.   She was Director of Finance at Smith Hanley Associates (an executive recruitment corporation based in New York City); was a Dean of Student Affairs and Statistics Faculty at St. Paul College, worked at the Physics Department of the University of California in San Diego.  

She is currently President of Golden Lotus (a healing arts and music company), Director of Finance of the Children’s Orchestra Society of NY, Treasurer of The Center for Pranic Healing and the Arhatic Yoga Society, Board Director of the New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs, Finance Chair of the Professional Music Teachers Guild, collaborative pianist, concert producer, teacher and energy-worker.  She is a published author of 4 mathematics and statistics books, performs in concerts with professional music artists, teaches piano privately to gifted children, and has several collaborative music CD recordings to her credit. Aside from teaching Pranic Healing workshops, she teaches “Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul” and has fulfilled speaking engagements on “The Energy Technology of Creative Expression” at Princeton University and New York City. Her books on “The Twelve Labors of Hercules,” “Full Moon and the I in Me,” and “My Inner Heart Speaks” reflect her deep interest in esoteric teachings.